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Wordpress Theme

Apart from the ultimate blogging tool, WordPress is a perfect CMS for any of your website creation. It’s great for developers, designers, and client because the interface is so simple exhibition to understand. We would love to share some themes which can help you guys in your next website project. Approach us to get a good 100 % solution in your WordPress.
Banner Designing

Plum Graphix allows for custom banner design in a variety of designs like - Flash banners, media rich banners, animated GIF banners.
To make a your banner design effective u have to consider these features like banner size, color use, length and strength of slogan, correct animation and all this need a professional banner designers touch. Our creative development team can offer you with a complete range of banner which u expect to attract your valuable customers.
Twitter Background

Here is your styled Tweet! You can personalize your Twitter background like never before. Now in market all business users are using the twitter as their marketing page. Though it makes lively thing to maintain the Twitter background with their own company logo and banners. We use our best professional design in making special twitter backgrounds. It gives quick feel to your followers to join up with your merchandise. It's easy to use, and best of all, Give it a try! Feel tweet!
Psd to Xhtml/CSS

Any common formats (PSD, PNG, JPG etc) to a high-quality XHTML-CSS page ready directly as a scripted single-page website.
All our code is validated and tested across all major browsers. Our HTML and CSS files are commented across to make things easier for you to follow. Whether you get design for an individual or an organization, PlumGraphix able to take your business to absolute tops with our wrathful design.
Psd to Wordpress

We convert beautiful Photoshop designs into high quality WordPress themes for web design agencies and bloggers. You give us a hand design site in any of the format (PSD, PNG, JPG, GIF etc) with your need of expressed theme. Let us code for you! The page is custom hand-coded professionally in 24 hours.
Its true potential shines through when used as a Content Management System. We specialize in designing WordPress themes that need that little bit extra functionality to drive your CMS.